News: Eau Claire Residential Development

In 2018, Celtic Works has been hard at work creating and devising a plan that will include new home developments in the growing communities in and around the Eau Claire area. Eau Claire, SC is generally bordered by N. Main St. and Monticello Rd. to the east, River Dr. and Sunset Dr. to the south, the Broad River to the west, and Interstate 20 to the north.

Starting in early-2018, this plan will take effect as it involves developing and building a number of spec home projects along the Arsenal Hill, Keenan Terrace, and Eau Claire neighborhoods. Specifically, one home in Arsenal Hill along Laurel Street - expected start date in Jan. '18, one home situated in Keenan Terrace, and a larger project consisting of 4 homes situated together near Columbia College. We, at Celtic Works, have actively built and sold our spec homes in this area over the course of being in business. We have built a total of 18 spec homes in and around the Eau Claire area since our start. 

Our plan to expand in these areas will not cease – 2018-2019 will be a fruitful year, in general, for our spec home growth. These areas are approx. 10 mins. away from Downtown Columbia, conveniently placed near Interstate 20, 26, and 77, with much more to offer. If you are interested in being apart of this growing and vibrant community – among individuals, young professionals, and families - young and old, please contact us at (803) 251 - 4410 or email us at for more information. 


Hear what residents have to say about living in these upcoming areas, below: