What is your building cost, per square foot?

We like to compare our building costs to types of cars. It will depend on the type of car you envision on having: a BMW or a Kia? In this case, it will be what type of house you wish to have.

From past experiences, our custom homes can cost $100 per square foot and some cost over $200 per square foot. Your cost will be custom to you!

Will building a home take me away from my business and family?

As all important events in life, this will take some of your time away. This will come into play when it's time to do some shopping for your home; selecting fixtures and other selections. After the construction begins, site visits with our site supervisor will be key to attending. All will be given advance notice so you can still make time for business and, more importantly, your family.

Ok, we're sure we want to build, where do we start?

We like to first recommend our potential clients to figure out how much they want to spend on their home. We advise those to stay away from viewing online home plans as their starting point – unless you have an unlimited budget. You may fall in love with a 5000 sq. ft. home, then find out it is out of the budget? It's a disappointing feeling that we do not wish for you to experience with us.

Decide on your budget, find a builder you can trust – who can tell you how much house you can build within your budget.

I already have a lot. What can I build on it?

If you already own a plot of land, this is one piece of information we ask to know at the beginning of our conversations. This information helps both of us out in a number of ways: There can be restrictions that entities can place on a plot of land that you may not be aware of, for example: a sewer line running through your lot. This shared information can secure the both of us from discovering, once finances are in order, the project has begun, that the land will no longer work, resulting in additional costs in the process. Let us know first and then let's plan for it!

How do I select a builder?

Selecting a builder comes down to three simple things: find someone you like, find someone you can trust, and find someone you know is competent. In our discovery meetings, we want you to pick our brains. Ask us difficult questions and see what we say. In addition, ask for our reference list and talk to our previous clients. There is no better way of finding out what it's like working with us than talking to people who already have.

Can I be a part of the building process? Will I be welcome on the job site?

It's YOUR job site, you should be allowed, and even encouraged, to visit regularly! We welcome you, and we love it when a homeowner is actively involved in the construction process. 

(Be cautious: If a builder doesn't want you on your own job site, it's because they're trying to hide something)

Can I get a free estimate? Another builder gave me a free estimate.

Many builders give free estimates...Celtic Works, through our valuable pre-construction planning process, do not give free estimates. We give FIXED BIDS that require a LOT of man-hours. Therefore, we charge for this service. We make several site visits, we receive quotes on all of your selections, we watch the market to see what building material prices are at and we use advanced digital technology to get the most accurate fixed bid we possibly can. 

We simply do not believe in baiting our clients with a low estimate only to gouge the price once bitten. 

Design services:  Don't have a design for your new home or renovation yet? We can help with that.

So, you say you have an amazing idea for your dream home, but it currently resides in the dark recesses of your brain in several different parts and pieces, and you can't seem to make sense of it anymore?  Or maybe you and your spouse had a late night brainstorming session during dinner last night, resulting in the creation of a marinara-smudged napkin, filled with drawings and ideas that you'd like to magically transform into a house...that's great, we can help you!

We will work closely with you and a draftsman in order to work out the fine details of your home, making sure you know what it will look like before we start construction.