What is your building cost, per square foot?

.... This is a tricky question. It's like asking how much a car costs, per pound.  It depends on what kind of car you want; do you want a sunroof? Power windows? Heated seats? A BMW is going to cost more, per pound, than a Kia. It all depends on the kind of car (or house) you want. Some of our homes cost $100 per square foot, and some cost over $200 per square foot. It all depends on you!

Will building a home take me away from my business and family?

.... Let's be honest, this is going to take some of your time. You're going to need to do some shopping to select your fixtures and make other selections. After the construction begins, there will be site visits that you will need to make to discuss things with the site supervisor. Don't be worried about this, we will give you advance notice, so you can plan around your son's t-ball game!

Ok, we're sure we want to build, where do we start?

.... The first step is figuring out how much you can spend. I know it's exciting when you decide you want to build a new home and the first thing you probably want to do is start looking at home plans on the internet. But trust us, this is a BAD idea, unless you have an unlimited budget. What if you fall in love with a 5000 sq. ft. home, then you find out it's out of your budget? That's a very disappointing feeling! Decide on your budget, and then find a builder you trust, who can tell you how much house you can build within your budget.

I already have a lot. What can I build on it?

.... This is another one of those tricky questions, but one that is very important to address before you get too attached to a plan. There are restrictions that different entities can place on a plot of land that you may not be aware of. There could be a sewer line running right through the middle of your lot. Can you think of anything worse than securing your financing for your dream home, beginning the project, then discovering that your plan isn't going to work on your lot? Or that it's going to cost you an additional $20,000 to make it doable? Yeah, it’s not a fun situation. Let's find that out in the beginning, and plan for it!

How do I select a builder?

.... I'm sure you're thinking, "Ok, here comes the sales pitch."... Nope, not gonna happen. We're not going to push ourselves on you, because we know that we're not a right fit for everyone and everyone isn't a right fit for us. That being said, selecting a builder comes down to three simple things: find someone you like, find someone you can trust, and find someone you know is competent. Schedule a discovery meeting with a few builders and pick their brains a bit. Ask them difficult questions and see what they say. Then ask for a reference list and talk to their previous clients. There is no better way of finding out what it's like working with a builder than talking to people who already have.

Can I be a part of the building process? Will I be welcome on the jobsite?

.... If your builder DOESN'T want you on your own jobsite, it's because they're trying to hide something. It's YOUR jobsite, you should be allowed, and even encouraged, to visit regularly! We welcome this, and we love it when a homeowner is actively involved in the construction of their home.

Can I get a free estimate? Another builder gave me a free estimate.

.... We know that a lot of builders give free estimates... That's not how we work, because we don't give estimates. We do not believe in baiting the client with a low estimate only to gouge the price once you’ve bitten. We give only FIXED BIDS.  Unfortunately, this takes time. We believe that our pre-construction process is valuable and requires a LOT of man-hours. Therefore, we charge for this service.  We make several site visits, we get quotes on all of your selections, we watch the market to see what building material prices are doing and we use advanced digital technology to get the most accurate fixed bid we possibly can.