Meet the team. The people that make it happen. These are the builders of dreams, the cultivators of vision and the bringers of destiny.



John Strevens

This is John, one of the Owners of Celtic Works. John moved here from Ireland, in 1994. John's background includes furniture making, construction manager for a large national building company, and even a stint working for a church architect in London. John's never-ending strive for perfection has helped shape Celtic Works into the company it is today (He didn't earn the nickname "Eagle Eye" for nothing!). His unwillingness to compromise quality, just to make a little extra dosh, sets him apart from other builders.

Celtic Works Group-23.jpg

David Barry

Meet David. As one of the Owners/Founders of Celtic Works, David wears many hats and wears very big shoes. David brought his family over from Ireland in 1994 and just recently became an official American citizen (Go ahead and clap, it's okay). David has an extensive background in fine woodworking and organ building. That's right folks, this man is extremely talented!



Aaron Pazarena

Aaron is currently the longest-running member of the Celtic Works team and has done just about everything, at one time or another. Aaron is known as "King Can-Do", for his willingness to take on any challenge. Aaron's construction background began with Celtic Works, so he was trained, in the ways of the Celts, from the beginning. Aaron is currently an estimator and works closely with David in the office, but his handiwork is evident in many of the pictures on this website. Also, I'm pretty sure he can hang a door faster than anyone out there. If you'd like to challenge his speed, I'm sure he'll take you up on it.


Deanna Hathaway

Dee is one of our "locals", born and raised in South Carolina, and we love her to pieces. She's pretty much the glue that holds us all together. As the office manager, Dee handles all the paperwork and accounting stuff that would make the rest of us go cross-eyed after about 10 minutes. If there is an indispensable member of the Celtic Works team, it would be Dee! Even though Dee is the only woman in the company, we've somehow managed NOT to scare her off. Kudos to Dee, for putting up with our shenanigans!