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Always gracious, thoughtful, thorough- with transparent financial documentation to guide us along our path. Cheryl says her fondest memory was coming home to find one of the craftsman working on a section of the project, delighted to share what they were doing and how proud they were of their work. Kudos and many thanks to the fine professionals at Celtic Works!
— Doug Quackenbush, President at Quackenbush Architects + Planners
I had the privilege of working with Celtic Works as a strategic planning consultant. The commitment to integrity and quality among their entire team is clear not only from the finished product, but it also permeates all of their conversations. I had seen their homes prior to consulting for them, and had known of their professionalism and extreme devotion to detail in their work for many years, but having spent the past several months meeting their entire team, working with them in long-range planning, and getting into the “crevices” of their business model, I can honestly say that they are the real deal. I wish all of the companies I worked with were this passionate about wowing their clients. I would be hard pressed to ever consider another home builder since seeing their business model from the inside out.
— Rick Parks, MSW President Bridgeway Consulting, LLC.
Best planners. Highest integrity. Meticulous supervision of the project. Thoughtful communicators. Standout’s in the Midlands. No one else comes close. They will design/build our next residence. Modern, cozy, indoor-outdoor rooms, sunrise & sunset views, sustainable in every way.
— Pat Mason, Client
I would highly recommend Celtic Works to anyone. From day 1 to completion, they were professional and very, very reliable. They keep me up to date with everything that was occurring. They keep things pretty strictly on my timeline. Chris Steyne was my project manger. I was able to speak/see at the house almost every day. He did everything he could to make this a wonderful experience for myself and my husband and it was. We feel so fortunate to have had Celtic Works to renovate our house. It was an amazing job. They practically had to rebuild the entire house which was very much needed. The outcome is just absolutely beautiful and we could not be happier with it.
— Amelia Walker, Client
Prior to hiring Celtic Works for a ground up build, they met at the lot to ascertain existing conditions. From the start, they were extremely helpful in the planning phase and offered suggestions with everything from grading, materials, layout, windows, colors. Not one time did they complain when the soffit stain samples didn’t come out the way we, the clients, expected. When there was a decision to be made, they provided timely notices to keep the project on track and help focus our decisions. Delivered the home on a realistic timeframe with almost nonexistent punch-list. Communication was excellent, hope to work with them again.
— Hance Jones, Client
I have worked with John and David on a few projects in the past. They offer a hard cost estimating services that I include in my proposals (as an option) to help my clients create better designs. Feel free to contact me if you want more details. Shales Design Services, Columbia, SC
— Shales Design Services
I think the best thing I can say is that after completing a very extensive project with Celtic works, I still consider them good friends. If I had another project to do I would not even waste my time looking for another contractor I would just call John.

I am a firm believer in the fact that you get what you pay for, and while we could have found a cheaper option I’m sure, we could not have found the quality workmanship and attention to detail that John brought to this project.

I am always happy to speak with people considering Celtic about how good our experience was with them.
— Pat Hunt, Client
Celtic Works has done two projects for me. One a home renovation and the other a “Cock-a-boose” at the USC Stadium. These men are great to work with and their work is the best.
As we were working on the kitchen wing renovation, the home owner was so happy with the work that we were doing, that she extended to work to include the sun-room, powder room and several other projects in the house. By the end of the job, we had work on every room in the house except her sewing room.

The “Cock-a-boose” was a total “gut job”. We started with just the studs. When completed, there was a powder room, efficiency kitchen, lots of storage and seating for about 15 people (and two TV’s.)

If I were to build a house for my self, I would call Dave Barry and turn it over to him. I know that he would do an excellent job. As a designer, I have used some of his “subs” for various small jobs and they all are “top notch”.
— Jim Lamb Designs
I purchased a home that Celtic Works built. The craftsmanship is absolutely phenomenal!!! They were extremely accommodating at making changes that were in reason. No stone was left un-turned right down to the Operation and Maintenance manual given to me at the end of the project. After one year in the house, they came back to make sure doors were still shutting correctly, etc. They were checking for anything that may have occurred during first year due to the house settling. An amazing group of people to work with. Would recommend them without hesitation.
— Julie Sisk, Client